Namaste, I'm Ella


Since the age of 17 I have been exploring my Yogic path, 12 years and thousands of Downward facing Dogs later I ended up in the magical India where I deepened my practice and endeavoured to become a teacher.

Since then i've been travelling the world and sharing my passion with everyone I cross paths with.

I have taught all over the world, A Yoga School in India, Retreat Centre in Turkey, Holistic Community in Greece, Chilean Children and adults all ages.

I enjoy sharing Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, Flowing Vinyasa classes, Yin Yoga and guided meditations. I love Osho Active and Dynamic dance Meditations, Chakra Sound Healing.

My Yoga Classes are based Traditional Hatha style with a focus on breathing and flowing through asanas with care and mindfulness. I truely believe that yoga is for everyone, every age, shape, ability and this idea comes through in my classes that are for all.

My partner Mario and I are on a beautiful journey. We are currently exploring, experimenting, learning, sharing, crying, laughing and growing in a holistic way all over the world. Our time has been spent being part of different communities, cultures, volunteering and giving back to the world. Our vision is to hold a space to be ourselves, and we wish that for you also.

I'd love to connect in any way or form, so share the love and get in touch.

Love and Blessings,


Ella x