Upcoming Events



Dreamsea Canggu:

Monday 9am - Twist & Detox

4pm - Gentle Restore

Tuesday 9am - Inversions Workshop

4pm - Yin & Guided Meditation 

Wednesday 9am - Backbends & Heart Open

4pm - Chakra Balancing Yin

Thursday 9am - Arm Balance 

4pm - Yin & Breathwork

Friday 9am - Yummy Morning Flow 

4pm - Yin & Yoga Nidra 

Saturday 9am - Power Vinyasa

4pm - Yin Yoga

Sunday - 9am Gentle Flow 


Thursday 6.30pm Zen & Unwind

Private Group Yoga

From group vinyasa flow to restorative and gentle group classes, I can bring all the mats and props to you. Pricing depends on number of students. Pricing starts at $90.

Private Therapeutic Yoga & Reiki Healing

I offer Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions as well as Reiki Energy Healing.

Please contact me direct and we can build a class to suit your needs. 90Minute Session $90